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     Friday morning was the nicest in quite a while--it got down into the lower 60s! I quite enjoyed the walk to the bus stop, not just because it was cool, but because the birds were enjoying it as well. Counted 11 species I either heard or saw just heading over there!

     Blessed with solutions to three work problems, for which I'm quite grateful. The really fun ones are when an answer pops into my head and I haven't even finished praying yet!

     My tv broke June 27. My fallback was to watch using my computer instead, but then that software (cheap and included with purchase) quit working as desired on Tuesday, to my immense annoyance. Exercise fell off the bandwagon for a few days, but now I'm back! I "just happened" to have a hdmi to dvi cord lying around (bought years ago in a failed attempt to hook my work laptop to my tv) and thanks to wonderful Amazon, I was able to purchase a digital-to-analog audio converter for a much lower price than a new tv or large monitor, hah. So now my makeshift and highly ugly setup is running my blu-ray player to my old spare monitor, which has been blessing me quite a lot this year. Success!

     My original plan had been to spend the 4th of July working on Geren book 4 pass 2 stuff that needed large amounts of time and concentration. But with the Towners' very kind invitation, that pushed it back to Saturday, while I crammed in as much weekend work as I could in advance on Wednesday and Friday. And it was perfect! I got myself right up to the part I needed to focus on, had the free time I needed, and finished both the last scene expansions and pass 2 work in only 5.5 hours! I might need a sanity day or two, but pass 3 should be in motion soon, hurrah!
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