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Hump-day joys:

     I ran out of my wonderful mom's delicious shortbread cookies on Sunday, and was disappointed to have no goodies around...until I remembered the box of Lemonades the Towners gave me on July 4th. Gotta make these last...

     Happiness is getting a dress for only $24 with free shipping that ends up being cool and comfortable.

     The swifts are back! Got to enjoy watching a flock of them flying and twittering while at the bus stop Tuesday morning. I was wishing they'd come down and eat the gnats bothering me!

     A real treat on Tuesday evening--the Towners took me out to Boca Chica for a late 'birthday' meal. Food was delicious and we had a good time.

     Blessed this morning by some revelations tying to the fourth object of power in the Geren books sequels. Hopefully some decade, when I have a different job and a different life, I might actually even get to write them!
Tags: birds: other, boca chica, renewer: misc
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