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Recent blessings:

     July brings full-on farmers market season. At the Wednesday one, I got an asian type of cauliflower that's been delicious, and golden raspberries I've enjoyed with my cereal. And next week hopefully I can get sweet corn!

     On Thursday my employer had a noontime seminar on 'Preparing for the Unexpected,' and most of those present, like me, were there in regards to aging parents. It was very helpful and informative and I'm glad I gave up my lunch break to attend.

     I'd scheduled a 5 pm blood donation on Thursday after work and I am very glad I found a bus I could catch behind my workplace and take to right across from the donation center. Reason being: it was 92 with high humidity so a heat index around 100 for getting over there--no way I'd want to walk close to a mile in that! Then getting back was equally fun because a line of storms came in. I still got drenched even with the bus shelter, but at least I didn't have to walk all the way back for the next bus in that downpour! So I'm also once again counting my blessings that I make a single pre-tax bus payment every month that gives unlimited rides.

     Saturday treat: got out to see Ant-Man and the Wasp and I had enough points saved up I saw it for free! The movie was a lot of fun and I also quite enjoyed the trailers--a couple movies coming out soon that might be interesting.

     So so SO grateful for air conditioning with this crazy humidity and warmth of late. I should kiss my portable air conditioner!
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