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     Blessed to have such un-humid nice weather in the middle of July. Thursday was fairly rainy--perfect for leaving work early, firing up the oven, and cooking a batch of homemade granola. Now I get to enjoy it!

     I can tell the days are getting shorter now. When I get up at 4:30 on weekdays, it's actually still pretty dark out.

     Took advantage of a cool morning and buses to get over to the Farmer's Market at the neighboring suburb, and drop off a library book at the same time. Got onions and cauliflower, and though I had to wait 20 minutes for the return bus, it was very nice to sit and read on a shady bench with a refreshing breeze. What a blessing in July!

     As I mentioned in my monthly summary post, my tv broke in June. Thanks to Amazon Prime Day, I replaced it with a projector for quite a reasonable price. Got that set up on Saturday to project on the wall of my living room. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol was the inaugural movie on my approximately 6 foot wide "wallscreen." Then on Sunday, another blessing, when I found I could project a slideshow of my art from a pen drive! The only drawbacks are room brightness and wall blemishes, so maybe I'll get a screen down the road. But I am loving this!

     Best of all, finally got started on a story this weekend. 'The Lark and the Lion' is unique for me because the illustration came before the story--it was my single-page calendar picture for 2012. And now the story behind the picture is finally underway!
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