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The good stuff:

     Quite a treat to get out for a walk with Cindy Saturday morning, and have it be cool enough to enjoy it. We hiked for a couple hours at the regional park--it has been far too long for me.

     Also got to do shopping at Costco and Trader Joe's with her, and plenty of time to catch up. A big blessing!

     A work event for the annual survey meant there were free Krispy Kreme mini donuts this morning. Yum!

     My coworker Dawn is fast approaching her 25th service anniversary, and I am 5 years and a couple months behind her. So she very kindly let me view the list of gift card options for the $150 I will get with my anniversary. Having fun planning!

     Any day in which I can get some writing done is a good day indeed, even if it is a Monday. ;)
Tags: costco, job: coworkers, job: other, lark and lion, trader joes, walking
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