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Grateful for a weekend!

     Very grateful for the Towner's kind loan of their minivan this week. Thanks to that, I got to drive to the polls for the primary Tuesday, rather than bike in around 90 degrees.

     Also thanks to the minivan, I drove to work Friday and then spent the evening at my coworker Dawn's place, helping her with computer questions. It was a great time.

     Again thanks to the minivan, got out to the local Farmers Market Saturday morning. That place was already hopping at 8 am, and I was thrilled to make off with carrots, raspberries, corn on the cob, and the earliest of the local apples (but no big-name cultivars available yet).

     Friday was special as it brought me to 25.5 years since I first 'met' t'DoL. And Saturday also, as I got to spend hours working on the fourth Geren book. Pass 3 is done, and sooner than scheduled, even!
Tags: book 4: editing, farmer's market, job: coworkers
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