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     So blessed to be able to drive the Towners minivan to church three Sundays in a row, as it's been pretty sticky of late.

     It was a treat to rewatch all three seasons of Avatar: The Last Airbender on the exercise bike over the past couple months. And since I'd seen it before, I didn't have to worry about my favorite character ending in a bad place either!

     My day off work Monday ended dramatically when a storm moved in and brought an hour-long power outage. So I got to use the emergency lantern I bought last year for the first time and it worked out great. Glad that Starfish was fully charged so I was able to get some writing done while I waited.

     Speaking of writing, 'The Lark and the Lion' has been a big struggle every step of the way, but this weekend's progress finally got me past 10,000 words. Hopefully I can hit the ending before the first day of autumn!
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