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Recent joys before another three-day weekend:

     A real treat to have a pair of very cool nights this week--got my place down to 62 one morning as it was lower 50s outside. Yay!

     It's been in the works for months with other more urgent needs popping up, but I finally got my new Windows 10 laptop at work. Still need to get Kofax installed, but pretty soon I'll be enjoying a touch screen and hopefully a more robust device.

     Thursday was special, as my portion of the department went out to Keys for lunch to celebrate Dawn's 25th service anniversary. Lunch was delicious, I had leftovers to help with dinner, and we had a great time too.

     Though the rest of the Windstone Kickstarter goodies will probably be a few more months in coming, it was a real treat to get the three baby Poads I'd picked out back in April. Always a great feeling when a long wait comes to an end--I hope a few more do soon as well!

     So grateful for not just a payday Friday, but a third-paycheck-of-the-month Friday! Airfare shopping can begin!
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