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Long weekend delights:

     Right in time for the beginning of September, my 'Heavenly Blue' morning glories finally had a couple flowers on the trellis. Hopefully I'll get a few more before first frost, ha ha.

     Had some fun with my new projector for my exercise time on Saturday, once I figured out how to project Amazon Prime streaming and watch a free movie. My new HDMI cable is long enough, the only annoying part is having to get off the bike to grab my mouse and pause the movie, since I don't have a remote for my pc!

     My dresser has been a garden all summer, it feels, and right now all five plants are blooming (excluding the pothos that isn't grown for blooms). Quite a treat!

     Got back out to the Minnesota State Fair for a return visit on Monday. It was nice to get to the places I missed the prior weekend, see the new pet area, get cookies for my boss (and myself!) and stuff my face in general. And...delighted to hear 2018 set a new overall attendance record--over 2 million visitors for the first time!
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