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Things were going just fine until I got home...

     Big gratitude for my coworker Dawn, who had a spare umbrella she loaned me after a big storm whipped up out of nowhere and simply sat over the Twin Cities for a while. If it weren't for that, I'd have gotten pretty drenched and be in an even fouler temper than I currently am. She rocks! (Now I'd better remember to return it, if I remember where it is in the current shambles of my apartment.)

     I am (a bit sourly) grateful for my rolling computer chair, as it was perfect for evacuating both the contents of my filing cabinet and my half-emptied fish tank from my flooded room. Even half-emptied, that fish tank is heavy!

     I am also grateful that I was able to get the tank pump restarted with the least amount of misery possible. I avoid turning it off if at all possible, but there was no choice in the matter today.

     I'm glad that my computer power strip works while sitting on wet carpet!

     I'm glad the cat room didn't flood as well, as they're going to be spending about all their time in there until things get sorted out.

     I'm also glad that I could just shut out the mess and the misery looming ahead, sit in my half-cleared room, have supper, and finish the Shado animation I'd started for my 'back-burner' list LJ post. My first animation from scratch in ages. =)

     (And since the next thing I have to relocate is the computer hutch, it's more than likely than I'm going to be without web access at home for an indeterminate period of time--hence the comment freeze)
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