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A handful of gratitudes:

     A real treat to be asked to fill out surveys for a research group and get a $10 gift card for each one. Could get spoiled real fast!

     Grateful for the progress with the nasty bug bite on my arm. The big red area has gone away and the swelling is starting to go down too. Hurrah!

     The last three days of the workweek were very grueling due to having to cover for other people and also try to get through stuff. But it ended on a high note--I finally figured out a really tricky glitch with something I'd built. Here's hoping, after lots of delays and setbacks, that it's finally ready to get implemented!

     A bit of a fun upheaval--the Towners arranged to get their spare minivan back and loan it to me by having me stay over Friday night, drive them to dinner, then be part of a group that drove to Hinkley (the halfway to Duluth point) to meet up with Ken and Naomi, have a big brunch at Tobies, and drive the minivan back. Very grateful this all worked out!
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