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     It's finally cool enough I can sleep with my t'DoL blanket over my regular blanket. Yay!

     When I was at Tobies in Hinkley, I grabbed small loaves of their 'World's Best' cornbread, and also some banana walnut bread. Both of which are fabulous and I have been greatly enjoying this week.

     Blessing upon blessing with my last work conundrums lately. I'd been forced to set aside a fix for something I'd built because 'Plan B' was not working at all as I'd expected. But then Friday night, pondering it in frustration, I was blessed by the beginnings of an entirely better idea by stepping outside the box, so to speak, and completely changing part of my strategy. So on Monday started digging into it, found that plan C as I'd envisioned it couldn't be done either...until God led me to the solution of using the folder name instead of document name. I really wanted to run around the room screaming 'Eureka' but I restrained myself to just drumming my fingers on my desk. Plan C version 2 has the beauty of elegance and also wards off an issue with the current structure that I've expected would become problematic soon...because folder name is hexadecimal! So the limit of 9999 in base 10 becomes a limit of 39,321 in base 16. We are NOT passing that number as a daily batch value before I hit retirement age, ha ha. That's probably too much technical detail but this was a huge blessing, thank you God!

     Recently got back in my art project that I started on way back in February, and delighted to find I'm closer to the end of the Vue parts than I hoped. Just might be done by Christmas, ha ha! Lots of things I like about Quartus, but my favorite might be that I can finally make illustrations with a halfway-decent Wolf Lord figure in them!
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