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Shouts · of · Joy

Lots of recent minivan-induced blessings:…

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Lots of recent minivan-induced blessings:

     Last Saturday I was able to get over to Trader Joe's for the first time in quite a while, thanks to the Towners' generosity. Wonderful to get restocked on almost everything I was after.

     Tuesday I was able to have dinner with the Towners, and with Mary's sister and brother in law, up visiting from Texas. It was a nice evening.

     Thanks to borrowed wheels, on Saturday I was able to head down to Red Wing, hike all over Barn Bluff, enjoy the art fair, and buy a bunch of stuff at the Pepin Heights apple orchard store. It's not quite peak color down there, but still very lovely driving on the Wisconsin side of the Mississippi.

     Again glad to have the minivan--snowing buckets for getting to church this morning. It's six months less a day from the April blizzard and we're at it again, ha ha!
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