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Shouts · of · Joy

Workweek highlights:      Took Monday off…

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Workweek highlights:

     Took Monday off and had a great time with Cindy for a good part of the day. Made a trip to Costco and we filled up her car, then lunch at wonderful Zupas, then a walk enjoying the autumn at a nature center near Prescott.

     The Costco timing was perfect, because I was able to get selections of cookies and chips to go with the pizza and salad I'd chosen for my 20th service anniversary party at work. Got a bunch of nice cards, enjoyed a bunch of yummy food, my boss brought me balloons, my boss's boss made a very kind speech...and since not everyone invited showed up, my part of the department had lunch again on Wednesday! The Costco cookies were fabulous and somehow managed to last until Thursday morning.

     Costco had a big sign for flu shots by their front door, which increased my gratitude that I can get one from my employer for free. Went over with Dawn and Mark and that was fun too.

     Just so happened that the week of my service anniversary was the same week as my area finally getting some new equipment to replace the old fiche scanners I trained on way back in 2006. And that meant we all got free lunches from Tuesday to Friday this week--quite a treat!
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