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Shouts · of · Joy

Recent delights:      Picked up some…

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Recent delights:

     Picked up some pumpkin bread at Kowalski's early last week and I've been greatly enjoying it with the homemade applesauce I made. It will vanish fast!

     I couldn't make much progress on pass 5 work for Geren book 4 Wednesday and Thursday, which about drove me up a wall, but I more than made up for it Friday and Saturday. Now I'm nicely ahead of quota and up to scenes where I don't mind stopping.

     A gloomy, chilly, wet November weekend is great for cooking. Black bean soup on Saturday, and homemade granola on Sunday. Now I get to ENJOY it!

     Also glad for some good art progress over the weekend--it fits well with running back and forth to the oven when cooking granola!
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