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     My iron was (barely) high enough and I succeeded with a blood donation Sunday after church. It was at a different location that's closer to home and good to keep in mind for the future. Glad I could squeeze it in on the weekend so I'm eligible to give again when the blood drive takes place at work in January.

     A couple weeks back I got some lovely fingerless gloves on Etsy so I'd have a pair for work as well as for home. The older I get, the worse my circulation in hands and feet. Very glad I bought them, as it's been a help lately when my hands get cold in the mornings.

     So, usually I try to avoid getting out the winter coat until December, and some years I don't really need it until January. But not this year. It got down to 7 this morning, so on with the winter coat and the thermal undies! I'm curious how many record lows my area has cranked out in the past week...

     Thanks to pass 5 of my fourth Geren book being done at home, I have time for reading on the bus rides again. It's taken a few weeks, but I've finally gotten sufficiently caught up with magazines and quarterly time for FUN reading at LAST!

     Took a while to get around to it, but I finally finished edits on 'The Lark and the Lion' and got it ready for readers. Now to finish the calendar illustration...
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