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Today, I'm thankful for:

     The fact that Becky finally finished her Tarek picture on Thursday!

     Also on Thursday afternoon--a package from Japan--a belated birthday package from Alyssa.

     I do wish those had happened on almost any other day where I'd be able to really enjoy them...but I'm still glad they happened. Hopefully I can muster more enthusiasm when life is functional again.

     I'm glad that my workplace doesn't stink like my apartment does.

     I'm glad that the human nose has the marvelous ability to adapt to unpleasant things.

     That I'm learning what does and does not help for future flooding incidents, even if I feel trapped in a chess game I can't win.

     That at least I accomplished one thing this week that I'll be happy to remember years along--my what's cooking page. That was fun.

     And let me offer my thanks to my mom, Christina, Pantha, Shanra, Brandi--for their sympathies with the flooding misery. I had lunch (at a new bar ;) with coworkers Shelley and Kathy, and their sympathy was a much-needed solace today as well. Thank you, all--I don't feel quite so forsaken when I'm messing around in that wreck of a room. *hugs*


     Note to my mom since I can't e-mail: That cd of yours I'd put on months ago finally sold! I'm glad I can view my e-mails at work or I'd have never known. Once I'm functioning again, I'll figure out the profit and add it to the check for the eBay auction sale.


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