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Another weekend gone too fast...

     t'DoL's birthday is coming up fast, so I decided to kick off the festivities by treating myself out to Freshii for lunch. That was delicious, and I wasn't hungry that evening for quite a while, which was great for taking time to exercise.

     More goodies on Saturday, in the form of a wonderful package from my parents, containing (among other items) some of my mom's fabulous apple bread, shortbread cookies, and pumpkin bread! I am so blessed to have such a talented and generous mom! =D

     Glad to be back on the bandwagon with art progress and Geren book 4 pass 5 after a very frustrating and over-busy work week in which it felt I got nothing done. Oh yes, and exercise too! It was great to watch the Collector's Edition of Close Encounters as I haven't seen that movie in quite a while.

     Got it down to 59 inside by Saturday morning and 57 inside by Sunday morning, which made for some of the best sleep I've enjoyed in a while. t-shirt and shorts don't cut it at those temps--I need socks too!

     Speaking of enjoying movies, that's what I did Sunday afternoon. Got out to see the second Fantastic Beasts movie, using the gift card I received with part of my 20th service anniversary reward. Not only that, but I had enough points on my membership card for a free small popcorn. So upgraded to large for $2 plus tax and had a fun cheap afternoon!

     In two days--t'DoL's birthday! Two days after--Thanksgiving!
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