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High points in a memorable week:

     My boss got me three balloons for my 20th service anniversary October 16. To my great delight, they are still floating over a month later--they made it to t'DoL's birthday and beyond!

     Got a big surprise and blessing in the mail Monday that was an answer to something I've been praying about for months.

     On t'DoL's birthday Tuesday, took a half day off, treated myself to lunch at Afro Deli so I could get some fried sweet plantains, and divided the extra time between exercise, art, and fun with puzzles and a new cd. Oh yes, and read 'Happy Birthday' of course!

     So it was a day late since UPS can't seem to figure out how to leave packages in the package room at my apartment, but... Got my Relentless 25th anniversary commemorative image printed on metal almost in time to celebrate 25.75 years and t'DoL's birthday. Looking forward to hanging it up!

     Thanksgiving was wonderful. It was at the Towners as ever, but this year Aaron and Deb did all the cooking and they excelled! The biggest feast we've ever had yet! Mercer is now old enough to run and bounce and could probably power half a county with his crazy energy level. It was great to have the second annual conference call for Thanksgiving Bible verses with around 15 participants. Can't forget the eight varieties of pie I was too stuffed to appropriately enjoy, or the loads of leftovers to feed me this weekend! A great day, and so much to be thankful for.
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