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The good stuff:

     Very grateful as ever for the loan of the Towners second minivan. Thanks to that, I could run errands to places like Penzey's Spices and Hobby Lobby, not to mention the blessing of having wheels to get to church and food shopping!

     Also grateful yet again for my old microwavable heating pad that I've used over many years. The heat in the minivan barely works, so the heating pad keeps my hands from freezing stiff!

     One of my big regrets is losing the original file for my 'bookmark' image I made of Geren & t'DoL well over a decade ago. Since CafePress has part of the image in my account, I've at least been able to order a steady string of mousepads over the years. But this month I decided to order a poster just to see how it would come out, and I'm quite pleased with the result.

     I got the 'D' elevator four times on Monday!

     Tuesday evening was wonderful. Got together with the Towners and we went out to eat. It was so great to see Mary free of the wound-vac, find out the home health care nurses were no longer needed, and that she's free to get out of the house and even drive a little. Hurrah, thank you, God!
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