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     Since I certainly have no space in my one bedroom apartment for a Christmas tree, I decorated Schleffie instead. (my dwarf umbrella tree/schefflera arboricola) He's even more decked out than last year, with lights, ornaments, and garland--quite the gaudy display, and funnier with the three sets of flowers growing quickly as well. Oh yes--I wrapped a red towel around the bottom of his pot like a tree skirt. I can only wonder what he makes of all the action!

     I finished pass 5 with my fourth Geren novel editing last week and I'm getting it ready for pass 6, which I look forward to diving into after my vacation over Christmas and New Year's.

     The weather this weekend was sunny and 40s--really nice. So I took the opportunity to walk to church Sunday since the construction blocking me from crossing the river is finally done. It was a great way to get some exercise and fresh air at the same time!

     Thanks to great reviews and my movie theater gift card, I treated myself to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Fun and very creative...I think a few of my nephews might enjoy that one... ;)
Tags: book 4: editing, flowers, freebie, movies, walking
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