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Shouts · of · Joy

A week of feasting!      On Tuesday Dawn…

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A week of feasting!

     On Tuesday Dawn and I had lunch together an Asian restaurant I'm quickly getting very fond of--I'm glad she introduced me to it!

     Wednesday evening was dinner and giving gifts at the Johnsons, and it was a wonderful time.

     Then on Thursday another evening full of food having a huge potluck with the singles' church group I attend.

     Friday was the yearly party at work and since the food was catered from Brasa, it was my favorite yet. I got to happily pig out on yellow rice with black beans--I have an extra stomach for anything that reminds me of Puerto Rican rice and beans! ;) Handed out gifts as well, and ate lots of leftover cookies from what I'd brought on Thursday.

     Delighted that both Linda and Dawn really liked their gifts.

     Used my last two hours of unallocated time off to leave at 2 on Friday. That meant I was able to attend the 4 pm showing of Aquaman at the IMAX theater. Very glad I did, as the movie was gorgeous and deserved the biggest screen I could find!
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