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Shouts · of · Joy

Mid-January good stuff:      Delighted to…

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Mid-January good stuff:

     Delighted to find out that my boss is using and enjoying the Christmas gift I gave her.

     Happiness is delicious leftovers sent home with me from my mom. Got to have pink beans and fried plantains with dinner on Monday, a tiny taste of Puerto Rico!

     Been making superb progress with pass 6 of my fourth Geren book, so that meant I was able to move forward with setting up a contract with my wonderful editor. Excitement!

     At the beginning of the month, I broke a watch band I'd enjoyed for a few years. So...that was my cue to go back to the Etsy seller and buy four from her this time, and now I have five color options total. I'm so glad for places like Etsy so I can get bands small enough for my scrawny wrists!
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