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Today, I am grateful for:

     Being back at work before I go crazy.

     The wonderful, time-devouring diversion of watching all 3 extended-edition LOTR movies...and HP 5 and a couple Silver Brumby episodes.

     Being back at work where there's lovely air conditioning when the whole week is slated to be hot and humid (90 F/32 C and up). At least I can eat here!

     The local weatherline, so I can call and find out the temperature and forecast when I don't have internet.

     Shanra. *snugs* (I'll get to your lovely comments later. =)

     Delicious corn-on-the-cob that was grown in the neighboring suburb.

     A wonderful mother with practical advice on cleaning and smell-squashing (the room just smells like vinegar and Lysol now--much better! ;)

     Have I mentioned how wonderful it is to be at work yet?
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