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Recent gratitudes:

     I'm grateful for the handicapped bathroom stall on my floor at work when it's time to layer and unlayer in cold, cold weather! Having space and a small bench makes it so much easier.

     Deliciousness is getting to feast on my mom's fantastic homemade spaghetti and meatballs this weekend, that she so kindly made and I brought home frozen from California. Yum yum YUM!

     Enjoyed a different sort of deliciousness as my exercise fodder this weekend. That was thanks to the BBC 1995 Pride and Prejudice being available on Amazon streaming. Saw it all over three fun sessions and put 48 miles on my exercise bike!

     I would rather have it be -20 again than the nerve-wracking challenge I had trying to get to the bus stop this morning. Snow-melt, freezing rain, sleet, some combination thereof made it a gauntlet of wet ice to try to get across. It is a minor miracle I managed the distance without falling. Glad temperatures are dropping--cold ice is better than wet ice!
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