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Shouts · of · Joy

Glad for a weekend after so much weather drama!…

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Glad for a weekend after so much weather drama!

     After taking nearly 2.5 hours to get home through the snowstorm Tuesday evening, it was nice to savor the gift of Chicago-mix popcorn that Dawn gave me as a thank-you gift.

     I actually startled my boss out of some hiccoughs!

     I wasn't in the mood to put up with more crazy amounts of time commuting through yet another storm Thursday, so my boss kindly gave me permission to work from home that day. It was very interesting to get a feel for the pros and cons, and I quite appreciated the escape from traffic!

     Friday made up for that, as it was -7 or so out, with a wind chill, and my bus didn't show up at all (or very very late). That meant hiking over to the transit station and taking two other buses to get to work an hour late. Thought it would be worse when one of them broke down, but thankfully the driver got some good advice and was able to get it running again in a few minutes. Grateful I wasn't any later, and that my heating pad kept me from becoming badly chilled during all that time, except my feet. And those got taken care of by being planted on the heating pad the rest of the morning. What a week!
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