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Recent gratitudes:

     My old coil-style ice cleats were too tight for my new boots and not good enough for how bad the ice was early last week, so I used a gift card from Christmas to get some really good cleats. They make a huge difference but I can't walk indoors with them lest I put holes in flooring! I'm glad they're easy to take on and off and work so much better on sheet ice.

     I was not happy that, after scheduling my blood donation for Sunday expecting a snow-free day, we got nearly 5 inches instead! But I was able to get over there with a minimum of trouble and get back home before the roads got really bad or busy, and my iron was high enough--success! That made up for not being able to give in January due to being sick.

     Got my fourth Geren book ready and off to my editor Saturday, and she starts on it today. Excitement!
Tags: book 4: editing, donations, ice cleats, snow
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