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     Right before getting on the bus, I heard a little bit of cardinal song. Such an amazing assurance of spring in the middle of a snowy February!

     After all the snow recently, and having to work short lunches or stay late at times to make up for late buses, a delight to get to work in good time Thursday and Friday.

     It took them so long I was beginning to think it wouldn't happen and I'd need to do some shoveling myself Saturday, but the city finally cleared the path I take to the bus stop!

     Over a month yet from the equinox, but a delight to have a little sunlight while heading home from work now, and some obvious predawn light in the mornings at the bus stop.

     Wednesday was the big day this week. All Company Meeting. For a few reasons, I watched the livestream with part of my department rather than walking over, so that made for a different experience. The big announcements were some significant changes to the dress code, and then the yearly PSP (bonus) announcement. 6.5%! Better than I was hoping for, and while half goes into the retirement account and the remainder gets majorly taxed, I'm happy to have it!

     (My list keeps growing! 2005 - 8%, 2006 - 9%, 2007 - 8.5%, 2008 - 9.5%, 2009 - 5.5%, 2010 - 5.5%, 2011 - 7.5%, 2012 - 9%, 2013 - 10%, 2014 - 9%, 2015 - 9%, 2016 - 6.5%, 2017 - 4.7%, 2018 - 7.7%)
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