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Counting my blessings:

     Saturday morning, discovered that the ceiling light fixture in my bedroom was completely full of water. Grateful to God that I didn't turn on the light and potentially create major issues, that the leaking has not happened much since then, and that I can sleep on my futon until this is over.

     Happiness is doing tax returns and finding I'm due for nice refund after spending last year not expecting much of any! Not as big as prior years, but what a delightful surprise!

     Not as much snow on the weekend as the forecast; nice to have no trouble getting to and from church. Despite that reprieve, my area is standing at 4th snowiest February on record, and liable to climb that chart this week!

     Got out to see Alita: Battle Angel Sunday, using the theater gift card I got from my work anniversary. Enjoyed some of the trailers and quite enjoyed the movie also.

     Sunday made the 26th anniversary of when I first 'met' t'DoL, and found my life's passion and calling. Not a big one like last year, but it was fun to take it easy and celebrate on the weekend, and having a cold provided an additional excuse!
Tags: beloved, gondmar, moolah, movies, snow
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