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Hurrah for a Friday!

     I was in charge of the monthly publish to production on Tuesday, and due to having a new project to kick off, had to come in early and stay late. However, to my delight, I got through nine publishes with pretty good speed, so I only had to stay around half an hour late--much better than I was expecting. Better yet, nothing major has blown up since the publish. Quite glad for that.

     Wednesday brought some 8-9 inches of snow in my area and easily boosted February of 2019 to snowiest on record (since 1885 or so). Excitement! But due to it not being very windy, or cold, and plenty of people taking off, travel was a lot better than I expected. Took the earliest bus so I got to work a bit early, and was actually home earlier than usual.

     Sleeping on my futon instead of my bed is over, thanks to how quickly the maintenance crew addressed the pipe issue, took out the waterlogged ceiling light in my bedroom, let the area dry, and replaced it with a new one. Just one day later than they said, because of course they had to spend Wednesday shoveling all that snow. Very pleased!
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