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Shouts · of · Joy

Recent delights:      It's been a treat to…

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Recent delights:

     It's been a treat to enjoy predawn light at the bus stop and a few lovely sunrises on the ride to work. Gotta savor it for the last few days before Daylight Savings kicks in.

     A surprise from a coworker on Friday: she made homemade Cambodian spring rolls for lunch for us, and she made some veggie ones just for me. What a kind treat!

     By God's grace I made it to March without falling on the ice this winter. Of course March is my worst month, between Daylight Savings morning darkness and thawing, but I'm glad I 'scored' three points on winter for a clean December, January, and February. ;)

     Blessed Saturday by a morning devotional quote that felt aimed right at me: Waiting on God doesn’t mean sitting around and hoping. Waiting means believing he will do what he’s promised and then acting with confidence.

     My editor is really enjoying my fourth Geren novel!
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