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Recent delights:

     An amazing sunrise the morning of my brother's birthday--all pinks and oranges like spring flowers.

     Treating myself out to Freshii for lunch Friday, and trying a different menu option that's now my new favorite.

     Had the first showing at my apartment Friday, and grateful to have none over the weekend, as that gave me a chance to pull out some boxes and make a little mess!

     So the big storm ended up falling as rain quite a while before it turned to snow. But that just made the snow stick to everything, leading to the most gorgeous drive to and from church I've had in a long time.

     Used the last few bucks on my gift card to see Captain Marvel Sunday, and with the points from my movie card got free small popcorn and paid $1.07 to upgrade to medium. Made for a very fun and affordable afternoon!

     Started in on an art project finally. In true recent Hollywood style, it's a retread of an older picture from 2010 that I couldn't render on my computer at the time except in a small size. Now I have Quartus to abuse, ha ha ha...
Tags: art, freebie, freshii, gondmar, movies, skyscapes, snow
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