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Recent blessings:

     Had the third showing of my apartment on Wednesday, and it just might be the last one, since the listing vanished off the website Thursday. I'm really hoping that rental application goes through so I can start making a mess with packing!

     Progress on the moving front at my job as well (since everything comes up at the same time, ha ha). I've been slowly bringing home stuff from work since my new cube will be smaller than my old one. On Wednesday my boss shared the floor plan for how the area is being redone and all the other people coming to be new neighbors. It will be quite a change sitting near my boss's boss...and her boss too!

     So my wonderful editor who was supposed to finish with the fourth Geren book on Monday wasn't really late...she was just using an outdated email address! That meant, also on Wednesday, I got The Subverted War back and can start the last stage of tweaking and polishing...whenever it is I actually have the time for that!

     Requested two days off work so I can have a four-day weekend starting Friday. Here's hoping I can get a lot done with moving preparation but make time for some enjoyable stuff too!
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