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The good stuff:

     Got out for a walk with Cindy on my day off Friday. Took her to an area by the Minnesota River she hadn't been to before. We saw some early migrating birds, watched a muskrat gnawing on something that was either crunchy or frozen, but the highlight of our walk was definitely the beaver out of the water enjoying the spring sunlight like we were! I'd brought my binoculars, but alas I did not bring my camera.

     Also on Friday, paid for a storage unit and started hauling stuff over to make packing and preparing to move easier for me. To my delight, the unit is just two doors left from the one I used in the summer of 2016, so no confusion over where to drive!

     A blessing Sunday. I spent a day with God, and it was finally warm enough that I could take the Towner's minivan to a parking lot for a loud worship session since I can't do that kind of stuff at my apartment. What a blessing!

     Great to enjoy dinner with the Towners Tuesday night and a good resolution to the challenge of getting their extra minivan over to the dealership for maintenance and repair work.

     My employer having a food drive in March was perfect timing for me to unload some of the winter surplus I'd stockpiled, like pasta and various canned goods. Less to pack, yay!
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