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Shouts · of · Joy

It's all about moving lately:      Very…

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It's all about moving lately:

     Very glad I hadn't packed my heavy winter coat, as I needed it with the wind and storm that came in last Wednesday. Hopefully that's the last of it for cold wind chills.

     Grateful for ways to spare my back as I haul furniture and boxes. I bought a four-wheel dolly since it's a distance from the door to my garage. I also found that using folding trays helps. That way I don't have to set the box down to lock my door, then set it down again to open the back of the minivan. It was all that extra picking up which was taking a toll. I can also 'stage' the dolly by the outside door so I don't have to take a trip for every single box, just get each from my apartment outside to the dolly, heap up a few, and then haul to the garage.

     So heaps of snow and ice meant the dolly didn't work as well as anticipated Saturday morning (it's not a tank!) but grateful that I was able to get my guest bedroom dresser and two medium bookcases out to the storage unit, along with smaller items.

     Lots of action with the move at work also. Last week after my coworkers left, the furniture got hauled away (except for the three of us in my team). This morning the old carpet was pulled up and replaced, with surprising speed. I'm curious to watch the building of our new cubes and work area this week. We might actually be moving as soon as this Friday!

     Not move-related, but it's been a treat seeing the sunrises as I head to work lately. Had three nice ones in a row last week, the most amazing of which was Wednesday morning before the big storm moved in. Today brought a pretty sunrise too; gotta enjoy them before the days get too long!
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