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Recent blessings:      I have to give…

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Recent blessings:

     I have to give thanks for the blessing of good moving tape. This after starting to pack at work and being forced to use bad moving tape, that takes forever to find the end, requires scissors, shreds too easily, tries to stick to itself--just a load of 'fun.' The great stuff I got from Amazon for my moving boxes at home is FAR FAR better!

     Took a day off work Wednesday for a doctor's appointment. Even though it proved a very rainy day, it was also a good one. That's because I finally got to take the Towners to Cheesecake Factory to (belatedly) celebrate my 20th anniversary at work with a gift card I got. We all greatly enjoyed our meals and desserts, then afterward I got to take them on an errand for free paper shredding and hazardous waste disposal--a blessing it just happened to be the same day I was off!

     My doctor was happy with my weight, my iron level, my white blood count, my cholesterol, my thyroid...pretty much everything!

     Moved into my new cube Friday morning at work. Some aspects will take adjusting, but there's one thing I really like: I finally have a sit-to-stand desk! Now I just need to build the habit of spending a few hours a day standing as I work and that will be very good for me.

     My brother arrived safely Friday on his short visit from California for a family funeral, and I'll get to see him these next two days. Very neat to have him around for Easter!
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