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Work has been crazy and home life even crazier, but the highlights of late shouldn't be forgotten:

     It was great to spend some time with my brother over Easter weekend. I'm very grateful for his help with hauling some furniture to my storage unit! Easter Sunday with the Towners was wonderful: beautiful weather, nice buffet, delightful company. Also nice to see some cousins and more distant relations Saturday for the first time in quite a while.

     Answers to prayer requests are much appreciated. So the showing I had set up for a townhouse rental at 5 pm Tuesday got cancelled at the last moment, after I'd left work early. A clear 'no' definitely makes an answer to prayer! But I also appreciated the extra time for packing Tuesday evening. Next rental to check out...Wednesday at 5. See what happens with this one!

     Life is exhausting and depressing and far too busy, so I'm very grateful for bus rides in which I can work on pass 7 of my fourth Geren novel. The one real enjoyment of each weekday, lately...though I should also include the delicious blueberry lemon bread and fudgy brownies my wonderful mom made me!

     While I did not appreciate the insomnia last night from 12 to around 3 am, it gave me one gift. Been too busy to have much time to think, but those hours provided it! Had a lightbulb moment for a work issue, resolved a moving strategy conundrum I'd been wrestling with, and remembered a few more items I could get into the minivan and drive to the storage unit. It opens at 6 am each day--so I was there at 6:02, and able to unload two medium boxes, three small boxes, two odd-shaped boxes, a piece of exercise equipment, a small shelf, and my folding cart, with all in place and driving out by 6:10!
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