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Recent good stuff:

     Did not expect to have to use the furnace at my new place so soon, but it was 40s Sunday with a low near freezing, so I got to put it on Monday morning. Good to know it's ready for next winter.

     Blessed that I have options for trying out different park and ride locations and timing.

     I was in charge of the monthly publish for May at my job Tuesday, and I'm grateful it went smoothly overall and quickly enough that I could leave at the usual time.

     After three weeks of waiting, finally got the deposit remainder for my apartment. All they deducted was water/sewage costs since the last quarterly bill--hallelujah!

     I have so many storage locations in my new place that I've started a spreadsheet so I can keep track of what goes where!

     Looking forward to a three day weekend!
Tags: bus, job: work, moolah, varnemar
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