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Shouts · of · Joy

Recent delights:      Friday I wrapped up…

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Recent delights:

     Friday I wrapped up my first run through the fourth Geren novel with pass 7. Can't do anymore until I hear back from my editor. Pleased with my progress and glad for a little break.

     Saturday when I went to the Johnson's to pick up the houseplants they'd been taking care of for me, I was blessed that they also had a garage sale going. So I got a couple items that were on my long-term purchase list but would have cost a lost more at regular price. Also got a quesadilla maker I'm eager to try out. And my plants are happy too--what a blessing!

     A blessing to have two beautiful days of the three day weekend, with the crazy amounts of rain and damp cold this month. Perfect weather for garden shopping, some planting, and...

     Sunday morning before church I headed out to visit a regional park I'd never been to before. It's quite big, and thankfully has good maps. Did about two hours of hiking, glad to see some spring ephemerals, and photograph a bluebird and a trumpeter swan. Looking forward to going back!

     Monday was the rainy day, all day long. But it had great stuff too. Started out with a successful blood donation in the morning. Then had a wonderful indoor Memorial Day 'picnic' at the Towners, with Joe grilling in the garage. Wound up being 15 people there in all!
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