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The good and the yummy:

     Delighted to discover recently that the bush right beside my door is a weigela. It's got lots of gorgeous deep pink flowers that remind me a little of azalea. Quite a treat!

     After being here nearly a month, it appears that the mess with the mail is finally wrapping up. Talked to a supervisor at the post office Monday, got a vacancy form Tuesday, started receiving mail again, and on Friday got the USPS change of address confirmation with welcome kit I've been waiting on for weeks. Some great coupons in there, hurrah!

     My dwarf umbrella tree, Schleffie, has been through a lot with my move, between being massively pruned and later suffering cold damage from being out one night below 40 at the Towners. But he is hanging in there and has recently started growing lots of new leaves. What a relief! I've had him at least since high school, so more than 25 years, and I'm very glad not to lose him.

     The golden beets I bought at last weekend's farmers market were delicious chopped and roasted in the oven along with some onions. And no messy red stains or 'pink pee' either!

     Bought Aquaman for sale on Amazon with credit card points and had a blast watching it while I pedaled 19 miles on my exercise bike today. Though it's such a gorgeous movie it really deserves a much larger display than my projector.
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