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Recent blessings:

     I got out to the regional park for a couple wonderful hours of hiking Sunday morning. The rain was taken out of the forecast and it was cloudy for a while, which made it just about perfect. I've never heard so many bullfrogs croaking as I did that morning, while walking past the various lakes and marshes they were in. Saw plenty of deer too.

     It feels wonderful to be done enough with moving stuff that I can kick off an art project for the first time in a few months. Also glad it's going as well as it is.

     Pleased to find I could use a curtain rod and my green curtains from Aldamar to hang across the stairway at my new place. That keeps the light from the front door window from bothering me in the evenings, and also helps block all the hot air from going to the bedrooms in warmer weather. And I didn't have to buy a thing!

     Rather funny to be excited about getting my electric bill today, but I am, because that means I didn't miss it when my mail was a mess. Whew!
Tags: art, mail, varnemar, walking
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