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Lots of blessings around my 44th birthday:

     Thursday evening I treated myself to a Hillsong concert in downtown St Paul. Since it didn't start until 7:30, I was able to take the bus to Trader Joe's beforehand, shop, then stash my purchases in my cooler. The concert was amazing...saying 'concert' is a misnomer, since it's more a worship service with over 10,000 singing along! Very, very glad I went.

     I took Friday off as I knew I'd be getting home quite late Thursday. It was a perfect day to do a lot of errands. I got to check out a nearby home decor store that makes Home Goods seem small--that was a lot of fun. Also used coupons for ACE Hardware and Kohl's, along with a gift card for Kohl's I received for Christmas!

     I got a blessing from heaven Friday that I will remember for a long time, aimed right at my heart. One of the best 'birthday presents' ever.

     Saturday was my birthday, and aside from phone calls, I spent the day with God. A great time of worship, thanksgiving, prayer, online message, more worship--and more phone calls too. Perfect way to start off a new year of my life.

     Greatly enjoying birthday goodies made by my wonderful mother and gift cards to spend on Amazon! My place was full of incandescent light bulbs and I'm very eager to keep replacing them with LEDs.
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