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Shouts · of · Joy

So glad it's Friday!      Nice to make it…

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So glad it's Friday!

     Nice to make it this far into June before the nasty sticky really hot summer weather rolled in. I was glad to get out for a couple walks during the month, and to sit out on my patio for devotional time a few mornings when the gnats weren't too bad.

     Massively enjoyed my wonderful mother's homemade chocolate mint brownies this week!

     Pleased to get more LED lights this week, and that the spotlight bulbs fit perfectly.

     Delighted to do an art project that went more smoothly than I expected and I'm pleased with the result. 'Bad Move' is the illustration for the eBook cover of my fourth Geren novel, and now I'm hoping to make a landscape version I can enjoy as wallpaper at home and work.

     Dawn treated me out for lunch Thursday to celebrate my birthday. We had a great time with delicious food from Asian Express.

     I'm loving living in a place again where I have an attached garage and my own laundry area!
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