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Shouts · of · Joy

So glad it's a payday Friday!…

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So glad it's a payday Friday!

     Happiness is finishing a picture, because not only do I get a new wallpaper to enjoy at home and work, I also get a new image to use with my puzzle software. Very glad 'Bad Move' is done, also because that means I can dive into the next illustration.

     My workday Wednesday ended on a high note. Ever since the upgrade, my team and the engineers have been wrestling extensively with some incorrigible issues. I've started thinking of them as 'dragon problems' because they've dragged on for weeks and every attempt to defeat one leaves us scampering away in humiliated defeat, like we got flamed by a dragon. Well, on Wednesday afternoon, I slayed one, even if the solution was embarrassingly simple, at least THAT dragon is gone!

     I was having fun on my exercise bike Wednesday evening pedaling away as I watched the extended version of Independence Day. Heard a bunch of noise that didn't sound like it fit the movie soundtrack, so looked out my window to see the high school marching band going by! Must have been a practice run for the parade on the 4th...

     And that's another treat about my new location. I could walk half a block to watch the local parade. I had my umbrella along and stood under a tree, so I was set for rain and sunlight, of which there was some of both. Half the fun was the attire of the hundreds of others who came out to watch, but I quite enjoyed the marching bands, horses, and some of the other displays.

     Wednesday on the drive to the park and ride I saw a deer cross the road in front of me (thankfully not too close). But Friday was even better: spotted a fox waiting at the street corner on the sidewalk until I and the car behind me had passed, then it crossed the road. So neat!
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On July 5th, 2019 09:14 pm (UTC), brezzydal commented:
When do we get to see the picture you finished?
That is neat on attending the parade and to be so close.
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On July 6th, 2019 11:11 am (UTC), shout_of_joy replied:
In a little while. I want to have all 3 done since they have the same main subject, so one left. You wouldn't like this one anyway, it's dark and has Subverted in it.

Yes, I was wishing you could be there with me. God willing, maybe next year! =)