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Shouts · of · Joy

Recent delights:      Even though it's been…

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Recent delights:

     Even though it's been such a wet year so far, I haven't seen any rainbows. That changed when heading home from the park and ride on Wednesday. It was raining a little, and too early for a full rainbow, but I was able to spot the top of the second rainbow above the horizon. It's been too long!

     Special day Thursday: my boss's boss had her 50th birthday. Complete with a surprise meeting and cake that she wasn't expecting at all. Great time for her and she deserves every moment of it!

     A surprise Friday in the form of a gift of cheesy popcorn from my coworker Dawn, as a belated birthday gift since the candy store was too busy right before my birthday. I'm trying very hard not to eat it all at once!

     Cindy and I got together Saturday morning and headed over to the arboretum. I was blessed that despite the forecast, the dew point was 'only' in the low 60s and it clouded up part of the morning, so I was able to bear the heat. Had a great time seeing lots of amazing annuals, along with dahlias, Asiatic lilies, hydrangeas, daylilies, and plenty of roses too. Then afterward we had lunch at wonderful Cafe Zupas--and she treated me for my birthday!
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