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Shouts · of · Joy

Gratitudes:      With the warm weather and…

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     With the warm weather and ghastly dew points of late, I remain tremendously grateful for air conditioning of all varieties: central air, portable AC, and AC in buses and vehicles. And generator-powered AC too, since that appeared to be what my employer did on a very hot day recently. Wonderful, wonderful invention!

     Blessed by timing: I was able to wrap up editing my 'Great Wave' novella (the one I reread most often) on the weekend and swivel right back into my last review and changes for the fourth Geren novel. Feels wonderful to be moving full steam ahead on that again!

     Amazon Prime Day! A couple items on my list went on a big sale, along with stuff to purchase early for fall, or as a gift. Wish I'd had more money to take advantage of more sales, but very pleased with what I did get.
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