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Shouts · of · Joy

So nice to have a break in the heat!…

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So nice to have a break in the heat!

     After Friday's temperatures in the 90s, with dew points in the shocking 80s and a heat index around 120, such a relief to have cooler air come overnight--and my area missed the awful storms/derecho that others got, too. Saturday was so cool I was able to do the vacuuming I'd been procrastinating on for weeks, and also some organizing the guest bedroom.

     Sunday morning was around 60. Perfect to get out for my first bike ride near my new home, and start exploring the area. The icing on the cake was finding more single-level townhouses much closer to where I live than the ones I was already aware of. Looking forward to more exploration in coming weekends, and getting back to the gorgeous rich neighborhood eventually.

     It's been just about a week since I started my last review sweep through the fourth Geren book, and I've already passed the 1/3 mark. Whoo-hoo! Might actually get to start the last book before autumn!

     A nasty issue that blew up at work overnight Thursday, and has cost me a lot of time with manual workarounds, actually got its cause pinpointed through a remote meeting with Kofax. After so many ugly issues post-upgrade that have stretched out over weeks, even months, some with no resolution, what a relief to find a simple answer to this one!
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