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Shouts · of · Joy

Workweek blessings:      Big breakthrough…

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Workweek blessings:

     Big breakthrough Tuesday, when I realized the change made to the system to see if it impacted a performance issue, instead 'fixed' an issue we'd been fighting to understand since the upgrade in early May! Unfortunately we can't leave it the way it is, but this provided a critical clue I've been praying for for a while. Hallelujah!

     Another treat Tuesday in the form of pizza, salad, pop, and cookies to celebrate the 30th service anniversary of somebody on the downstairs team. It was fun to hear his reminiscence of going into work after the huge Halloween Blizzard of 1991!

     Since my current art project is at the point where I have a bit of waiting while I test things, it was perfect for diving into a purge of some of my file cabinet, to make space. A lot of stuff is redundant now, thanks to the internet, and it was a treat to find some old essays from college days, and better yet, the notebook with original drafts of some of my old sonnets--written between 1992 and 1994-ish, before being t'DoL's Biographer became my full-time 'job.' =)

     I'm grateful for my portable air conditioner with a timer so my bedroom can be nice and cool when I get home from work and hop on the exercise bike. Grateful also for Amazon Prime free streaming so I have something to watch while I pedal. And less than a month to the Minnesota State Fair--grateful for that too!
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