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Shouts · of · Joy

So glad it's a Friday!      This is a…

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So glad it's a Friday!

     This is a wonderful time of year for farmers' market goodies: I've been quite enjoying raspberries and corn on the cob lately.

     My dwarf umbrella tree 'Schleffie,' who appeared on the verge of death after I moved in May, has rebounded amazingly. I'm glad he likes his new location; though he'll need supplemental light when winter comes.

     Finally got my home phone working and all I needed was to replace the cord, of which I already had a spare, so no purchases required, yay!

     This was my 'vacation week' between finishing the fourth Geren book edits last weekend and launching into the fifth this weekend. I let myself do a little fun reading for the first time in a long time, but I'm very excited to get the ball rolling!

     Happy for some cooler nights that allow me to use the window fan rather than the portable air conditioner.
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