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     Dinner with the Towners last Tuesday, which was a good time and we didn't get washed away by the torrential rain either! It was fun to do some State Fair planning.

     Relieved to make it to payday on Friday. August brings the blessing of a three paycheck month, but that also means trying to do my best to last for four weeks on one paycheck. Glad THAT ordeal is over!

     Blessed by an idea for a Geren book 2 eBook cover, when I abruptly realized my brain had been in a rut. I abandoned my very old ideas for the 3 and 4th books, after all, so why not with number 2? And it still has Hu-Hov in it, so that's good.

     On Saturday, finally blessed to have a weekend morning in which it: A) was not raining, B) was not too hot and/or muggy C) I didn't have a commitment. So I got out for a little more biking. First over to the park and ride and back, and then off to the farmers market and back hauling sweet corn, green beans, and lettuce mix. Around 9 miles total and looking forward to doing more.

     I was typing in my journal and happened to look down when I reached the end of a sentence. What a fun number!

     Already over 25% with Geren book 5 pass 1 review, whoot!
Tags: bike errand, book 2: other, book 5: editing, moolah
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